Community Christian School

Educating for Success, Service, and Salvation





      Pre-K, 4 year-olds, are full of energy and curiosity. The goal at CCS is to help them attain their developmental milestones through instruction and play. We use a thematic based method that allows them to see the connectivity of the world around them in relation to their lives and to God their Creator.


The core curriculum focuses on maintaining developmentally positive practices that places the children on a track for success in all the developmental areas: Spiritually, Emotionally, Socially, Physically, Cognitively and through Communication.




In our Pre-K classroom, children learn about the love of God through morning worship, songs, Bible stories and learn to talk to God through prayer. Our science and social studies are interconnected to our Bible perspective that God is the creator of our world and how it operates.




Children use their senses to explore, learn and engage in various concrete physical science activities and simple experiments that allow them to investigate the world around them. 

Children learn that God designed the family structure and families make up communities and communities make up the larger society. They learn to appreciate the cultural perspective of their peers as well as cherish their own. They also learn about community helpers, special places in our community and how to stay safe at home and in the community. They learn too that they have an intricate role to play in their families and community as they share and grow their unique gifts and talents.




Preschoolers learn to identify patterns and recognize written numbers, shapes, colors and build basic math concepts through ordering items by size, sorting, grouping etc. They learn one to one correspondence and develop spatial awareness through a variety of age appropriate activities. 




Students will participate in activities that improve both fine and gross motors skills. They will learn the importance of being Physically fit as well as the principles of good sportsmanship and how to interact with their peers.




Our Pre-K classroom is a print rich environment where students will acquire pre-reading skills. They will develop an understanding of new vocabulary words by following one-step directions that include new words. Students will begin listening for and identifying beginning word sounds and match words with the same beginning sound. Students spend time each week in the reading center where they choose books on their own to explore.




The learning centers are areas of the classroom that are designed to allow children the freedom to explore games, literacy, math, science activities, art, dramatic play and building activities. The teacher will facilitate learning in these centers by offering materials that encourage the children to explore and develop new skills. However, the teacher does not direct the learning as children explore freely within the center.




Children’s cognitive skills are enhanced through structured learning activities and games that focus on thought, organization and recall. Manipulatives are used to encourage recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, counting, sorting, matching, Identifying patterns, sequencing and to help them in mental organization.