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Medical Information



If the student has a medical problem that the school should be aware of, it should be noted on the application

Illness at School
When a child becomes ill at school he/she will be made comfortable, parents will be notified and required to take the child home.  Children running a fever in excess of 100 degrees before school should not be sent to school.  Children need to be free of fever twenty-four hours before returning to school.
When a child has a communicable disease, a release from the health department or physician is necessary for re-admittance to school.
Prescribed medication will be administered to the student with authorization from the parent.
Non-prescribed medications will not be administered by the school staff.  However, one day’s dosage of non-prescribed medicines such as Tylenol may be brought to the school, for administration, with parental permission.  No full bottles of non-prescribed medicines are allowed.
Accident Insurance
         A Group Accident Insurance Policy, which provides medical coverage for the students in accidents at school, is provided.

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