Community Christian School

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Community  Christian School is funded through four sources: 

1. Student tuition and registration fees

2. Subsidy from Community Seventh-day Adventist Church 

3. Subsidy from the Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 

4. Donations from supportive friends, families, and businesses 


Community Christian School is a tuition-based private school. Every effort is made to keep tuition as low as possible. Tuition is charged each month for ten months, August first through the end of May. The monthly tuition charge is based on the total year tuition charges divided by ten; and is not based on the number of school days in the month. In order to maintain financial solvency we must insist that student accounts be kept current. 


1. Registration fee plus the first month’s tuition are due on August 10, and continuing on 10th thereafter. A late fee may be charged if received after the due date 

2. Parents or guardians must communicate with the school treasurer if payment of the account is delayed more than 30 days. 

3. If an account is 60 days past due, the parent or guardian must make an appointment through the school office for a meeting to discuss the situation. At that meeting, the parent or guardian will present to the Community Christian School Board a written statement of how they plan to pay their account. This plan may be acceptable to the school board. 

4. The school reserves the right to dismiss any student whose financial obligation remains unpaid ninety days after the due date or if  the above procedure is not followed. 

5. Report cards and school records will be held by the school treasurer and/or conference office at the year’s end on unpaid accounts, until the account is cleared. Students will not graduate with outstanding balances and no transcripts will be forwarded to another school for a student with an outstanding balance. Graduating students will not be issued a diploma until the account is cleared. 



For tuition rates for the current school year please contact our office. 

Students who withdraw during the school year must immediately clear all of their school accounts. If a student withdraws from school for any reason, the tuition will be prorated through the end of the month last attended. For students who register any time past the month of August, tuition rates are prorated for the first month if the student is not starting at the beginning of the month. 



A registration fee is due and payable when the student registers. This fee covers such items as book rental, accident insurance for the school year, art supplies, etc. Registration fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable; although registration fees are reimbursed if a student‘s application is not approved. 



A $20 graduation fee is required of all 8th grade students to cover graduation expenses. This will be billed on April monthly tuition statements or can be paid with registration fee at the beginning of the school year. 



At present, Community Christian School has limited funds available for student financial aid. The school board will consider each request on a case-by-case basis. We encourage parents to first request assistance, if needed, from your local church, friends, and family. 

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