The teaching of the Bible is a part of the curriculum of every grade level at our school.  We follow the basic state requirements in regard to all subjects with the integration of Bible being an added benefit of our program.

Subjects offered in grades K-8 include the following:
Bible         Reading              Physical Education
Science     Mathematics       Spelling
English      Social Studies     Handwriting Skills
Other classes which enrich our program are:
Art            Music Appreciation         Keyboarding

We strive to make every part of the curriculum Christ-centered!

Grading Scales  {Pluses (+) and Minuses (-) may be used at the teachers' discretion.}

Gr. 1-2                                           
E (100-92)    Excellent                            
S (91-78)      Satisfactory                             
N (77-0)       Needs Improvement          
Gr. 3-8 
A (100-90)                                
B (89-80)
C (79-70) 
D (69-60)

F (59-0)