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Dress Policy



The purpose of a dress code is to provide safety and to prevent clothing from becoming a distraction from learning. The dress code also presents a more serious school atmosphere. To help preserve our Christian atmosphere, the below described dress code should be followed. When students are not dressed within the code, disciplinary action will be taken that may include any of the following: All recess taken for the day, parents notified to bring proper clothing, rental of school-owned uniform. The school staff does not desire to remove a student from his/her learning environment.

All clothing should be clean and fit properly with no tears or rips.

SHIRTS:  Polo shirts (collared) with long or short sleeves in either white, royal blue, or black. Shirts must reach at least 3" below the waist line and may be worn outside of pants if they are designed to be so worn (with slits on sides). White, royal blue, or black turtle neck shirts may also be worn. On chapel days, field trips, and special events a royal blue shirt with the school’s name printed on it should be worn. These shirts can be purchased through the school office.

PANTS:  Khaki
SHOES: Tennis shoes or shoes with back straps- no flip flops.

No head wear inside the building.

Sweaters or light jackets may be worn inside the classroom in solid white, royal blue, or black colors. No outerwear jackets/coats worn inside classrooms.

Khaki pants or shorts with pleats or flat front. No cargo, carpenter pants, denim, stretch, or sweat pants. Pants are to be worn at the waist, no sagging.

Khaki pants, capris, skorts, skooters, jumpers or shorts. No leggings or jeggings worn alone, though white, royal blue, or black leggings may be worn under skirts and jumpers. All pants should come to the waist (no hip huggers). No excessively tight pants. No spandex. Skirts, skorts, skooters, and jumpers should be no shorter than 3" above the knee.

Moderation should be used in make-up.

Neutral shades of nail polish may be used.

No jewelry should be worn.


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