Community Christian School

Educating for Success, Service, and Salvation



The curriculum at all levels reflects the philosophy and objectives of Christian education. It was chosen to be in harmony with the ideas expressed in our mission statement. The textbooks and course material used throughout the school are in compliance with the recommendation of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Office of Education. This is the central coordinating office for all schools operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout the world. Programs offered at Community Christian School include instruction in the academic areas of math, language arts (reading, writing, grammar, phonics, handwriting, and spelling), science, social studies, Bible, physical education, music, and art. All classes are taught with the objective of developing character, witness and service abilities, physical and social skills, and career and work responsibility. The teaching of the Bible is a part of the curriculum of every grade level at our school.  Community Christian School strives for every part of the curriculum to be Christ Centered.



At most times, report cards are issued within one week following the close of each quarter. They are available after the 1st and 3rd quarter at Parent Teacher Conferences and mailed to parents after the 2nd and 4th quarter if accounts are current. These reports should be examined carefully by the parents, both for scholarship and for conduct. 

Grades are based on the following percentages:


Excellent (E) 92-100%

Satisfactory (S) 77-91%

Need Improvement (N) 0-76%



A 93-100% B- 80-82% D+ 67-69

A- 90-92% C+ 77-79% D 63-66%

B+ 87-89% C 73-76% D- 60-62%

B 83-86% C- 70-72% F 0-59%


Parents and students should keep in mind that missing assignments are entered as a zero, unless special arrangements have been made with the teacher. 



Testing and Evaluation MAP NWEA is given to all students in the fall, winter and spring. These tests measure benchmarks and are used as one of many tools used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the individual student; however, our school does not “teach” to these tests. Parents can help student performance by providing healthy meals and encouraging adequate sleep. A report of the testing results will be shared with parents at 1st and 3rd quarter Parent Teacher Conferences and are available upon request at any time. 



Community Christian School believes that part of education is learning life skills. Students are given chores on a regular basis. To help instill pride in their school and a sense of community, students, at times, will be asked to participate in the care and upkeep of the school property without compensation.



Students may be asked to participate in group, or class performances at the school or the SDA Church located across the parking lot or other places locally. Parents will be notified well in advance of the time and location. Students are expected to participate in all programs.



Each class is encouraged to take a number of field trips each year. Field trips are scheduled as a vital part of the school curriculum. In some instances, a fee may be necessary to cover expenses, payable by the parent/guardian. Field trip fees are kept to a minimum as much as possible. Written parental permission will be required for these trips. Should a parent not grant permission for the child to attend the field trip, the student will be asked to stay at home or will be sent to another classroom if possible, and may be asked to complete a comparable assignment.


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