Community Christian School

Educating for Success, Service, and Salvation

Entrance Requirements & Admission


         The privilege of attendance at Community Christian School is not limited to young people of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.  Students of good character, regardless of race, color, or national origin, may be admitted by the school board upon application.
         Students possessing physical, mental, or emotional disabilities may not be admitted.  Because the school does not have the resources (e.g., personnel, facilities, equipment) to meet the needs of many disabled children, consultation among parents, teachers, and the principal must precede admittance.  Within its ability to serve, the school will cooperate with parents/other agencies to provide for the specific needs of a disabled child.
         Students who apply agree to abide by the standards of Christian education as outlined in this bulletin.
      For admission to Kindergarten, the student must be five years of age by August 15 of the current school year.
First Grade
      For admission into first grade, the student must be at least six years of age by August 15 of the current school year.
Birth Certificate
     Please submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate at the time of application.
     Students must submit a form from your doctor/health department showing a show record which includes:  four doses of DPT, four doses of Polio vaccine, and one dose of Rubella vaccine.  The immunization records should be turned in by the first day of school.
     Records will be requested from student’s previous school, including achievements tests.  The prospective student should be at appropriate grade level and have passing grades for all major subjects.
         No transfers from other in-town schools after 1st week of 2nd semester.
School Board must approve acceptance of any student who has been suspended from another school.
         Each student is provisionally accepted for the first nine weeks of school.  If necessary adjustments have not been made, the student will be asked to withdraw.  After nine weeks, the student achieves regular enrollment status unless otherwise notified.

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