Community Christian School

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Financial Information



         The school is financed in a number of ways.  Primary support comes from moneys received from parents, guardians, and church constituents through the Church Budget Plan for members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and tuition payments of all parents.
         Both member and non-member parents/guardians are expected to share the burden of educating their children by supporting the appropriate financial plan.  It is through this continued support that the Church is allowed to offer a quality educational program for our children.
         In addition to a registration fee (for all students), tuition is divided over a 10-month period, with payment due the 10th of each month,.  Current fees and tuition rates are available from the school office (601-485-0715).

Additional Financial Information

  1. If a student leaves for any reason, the tuition will be assessed through the end of the month last attended.
  2. The school reserves the right to dismiss any student whose financial obligation remains unpaid sixty days after the due date.
  3. The first month’s tuition will be paid at registration.  The total number of equal payments to be made between August and May each year is ten.
  4. Tuition payments are due by the 10th day of each month.  A late fee of $10 may be charged after this date.
  5. No student will be enrolled who has an outstanding balance, nor will any student graduate who has an outstanding balance.  No transcript will be forwarded to another school for a student who has an outstanding balance.

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